Flame Cutting

Flame cutting of carbon steels upto 500mm thick


Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting highly accurate components upto 30mm thick


Water Jet

Water Jet cutting produces high quality components cut to within +/- 0.3mm


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting service for complex shapes on thinner gauge metals

Welcome to Pegasus Profiles

Pegasus Profiles offer a service dedicated to cutting and processing sheet and plate materials, along with additional services like plough grinding. Almost any shape, no matter how complex, can be produced to a high degree of accuracy utilising ‘state-of-the-art’ cutting technologies. With our in-house CAD facilities we can process your drawings in all forms, from DXF and NC files by email, through to hand-drawn sketches and templates. Our experience we can help you manufacture the parts you need for the products you build.

Case Studies

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