Better Solutions for Wear Issues

Working with a new customer and advising of better solutions to wear issues

The Task Set

To find a cost-effective solution for extended life cycle of waste recycling grabs.

A site visit was requested for advice on repairing grab teeth & petals. Drawing from experience we advised that that patching up of a badly worn grab was not ideal for long term longevity.

Dimensions were taken and templates we made from the original grab teeth with an allowance for wear. Options on different plate thicknesses were evaluated to allow thicker plate in some areas of high wear or even higher Hardox grades.

New rolled petals and back plates were manufactured by Pegasus Profiles ready for the customer to remove the old worn components and weld in the new wear parts in workshop conditions.

The Result

Was providing the end user, a fully refurbished grab that functions as new doubling the lifetime cycle at a significantly lower cost than a replacement grab.

Since the success of the refurbishment, further visits have been made on site and a maintenance plan put in place for ongoing refurbishment of the site grabs.

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