Hardox is the brand for wear plate applications.

Why Hardox – Because the combination of hardness and toughness allows for new innovative ways of designing steel structures and components. Your products will perform better and last longer – giving your business an extra edge.

You have access to all the support you need through Pegasus Profiles. We stock a full range of thicknesses from 2mm to 100mm in a variety of grades. Along with our four different cutting processes we can cut bespoke profiles to your requirements including using the latest 12 Kw laser cutting technology.  

We can supply smaller stock plates for you to process or utilise our press braking, rolling or machining capacity to achieve the completed part.

Extreme consistency is a trademark of Hardox. Whether you are going to weld, bend or machine the material, you can expect Hardox to deliver predictable performance between each batch of plates

Strength, Hardness & Guaranteed Toughness

The toughness values for Hardox® 450 and 500 are guaranteed minimum values at -40°C, -20°C and 0°C respectively. Compared to a standard S355 steel, Hardox® 450 for example has about a three times higher resistance to permanent deformation (hardness) and an equal resistance to cracking (toughness).

Wear & Weight

What hardness is right for you? Probably a combination of grades, fighting different wear conditions. A tipper body might have one Hardox® grade in the base and another on the sides in order to provide even service life for the entire body. When calculating relative service life with SSAB’s WearCalc software as shown in the illustration, Hardox® Extreme will last more than 10 times longer than mild steel in similar wear

Hardness Comparisons

Brinell HBW 10 mm 29.4 kNVickers 98 NRockwell HRCApproximate tensile strength MPaApproximate corresponding grade
400401401245Hardox® 400
45045844.51412Hardox® 450
500514491580Hardox® 500
600627551940Hardox® 600

Workshop Guide

Using Hardox wearplate often lead to questions about production processes, workshop methods and material properties.


Flatness is good for both production and appearance. Flat plates will be cut more accurately when being profiled or laser cut and welding will be easier during fabrication.

Uniform Thickness

The narrow tolerance for thickness guarantees your finished structure will be as light as you expect. And when processing plate even a fraction of a millimetre counts, since bending force & spring back are directly related to the thickness.

Through Thickness Hardness

Thanks to careful heat treatment during production, Hardox wear plates have uniform internal properties. This means that the hardness is not just on the surface of the plate but all the way through.


It is possible to machine Hardox wear plate. Drilling, countersinking tapping & machining is possible with high speed steel & carbide tools.


Hardox has great weldability to any type of weldable steel. Flatness and narrow thickness tolerances make automatic welding easy, and shorten the time to fit up and tacking.


The uniform properties, close thickness tolerances and smooth surface make Hardox well suited to bending & rolling.


Hardox wearplates are suitable for both hot and cold cutting. Recommended hot methods are oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting. When heating is not desired Hardox can be cold cut by using waterjet.

Pegasus Profiles are officially appointed Hardox Wearparts Centres. Whatever your application Pegasus Profiles can support you in selecting the right Hardox quality for optimal performance and service life. 

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