Flame Cut Scissor Arms

Flame Cutting with Precise Flatness 

The Task Set

To produce scissor arms for a local loading platform manufacturer, as cost effectively as possible, to tight flatness tolerances.

The scissor arms are typically profiled from 30 or 40mm thick carbon steel plate in lengths over 2000mm long and only 150mm wide at their widest point.

The most cost-effective way to cut these is by flame cutting, which can be carried out accurately prior to machining.

The standard flatness tolerance of the plate when rolled by the steel manufacturer is 13mm over two metres but we needed to achieve a flatness within 1mm over the length of the arm. This is considerably tighter then the tolerance offered by the steel mill before considering any heat distortion from the cutting process.

After cutting, the parts were checked for flatness and rolled on our heavy plate rolls to produce the tolerance desired.

The arms are then machined in sets to include bored, drilled, and tapped holes, where specified.

The Result

A high-quality scissor arm produced consistently, at a competitive, cost effective price.

The parts were supplied from us ready to paint and be assembled.



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