Formed Chassis Extension

Our increased press braking capacity allows longer bespoke chassis channels to be produced.

Giving new life to a truck chassis with a major body conversion makes both economic and environmental sense. The original Mercedes truck had been built with a dustcart body but was no longer needed in this form. The plan was a major conversion to an airport fuel tanker.

To achieve this transformation the waste compactor body was removed and the vehicle striped back to its basic cab and chassis. In order to house the 15,000 litre fuel tank the main chassis members had to be extended by over 4m with a bespoke formed channel section welded to the existing chassis. The welded joint is reinforced with an inner channel and additional cross members were also added to maintain the structural integrity of the chassis.

Each chassis channel was plasma cut to length and then formed using our 400T press brake. We also cut in the 160 holes through which the suspension, air brake system and other ancillary components are bolted. The channels were shot blasted and primed before being delivered to the workshop.



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